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03.11.3016Idean Garden CallOpen Call for project Idea Garden (New Mazanka Awakening) for visual artists, performance landart architects and site specific. The aim is to focus on landart projects with means of other art streems and dialogically countribute to discussion about these forms of art together with other Visegrad countries partners.

Our cooperation with otehr centers of dramatical and visual art (Probiont, Periferná Centra) shall lead to new theory of landart in praxis. Please send us your or your group portfolio should you be interested. The project shall happen in September 2016.
09.11.2015SITE_SPECIFIC Divoka Mazanka and relocating one step furtherDear artists & friends, as we are moving to Divoka Mazanka (Prague 8), in the  incoming year, this is a call for artist to exhibit site specific and further on during varous events and symposiums in th espace of this project. The place consists of gothic stables, old school quite oldschool, spacious garden and vivid participants on other projects which correlate with main aim of the space: magick garden of transformative not solely artistic creativity and more in the city. If you feel like participating on any kind of crazy activity with us, please let us know. We are looking forward to hear from you, please take this as an Invitation.>
29.09.2015White nightsartist:  Karolína Rossí, Kristýna Šormová
opening: 8.10. 2015 od 19 hodin
exhibition: 9.10 - 20.10 .2015
curator: Nina Michlovská
17.09.2015open call wild divoka mazanka - site-specificopen call for artist to help a project of new gallery space and development of the site at divoka mazanka, Prague 8. Also and preferably site-specific including huge spaces in the old stables. Welcome and join us. We are also on hihit.cz, supported by Divoke Matky .cz>
21.09.2015Festival on Divokamazanka.czWe are supprting the campaign for the project DIVOKAMAZANKA during the festival of Namazanamazanka together with Divokematky cafe.. We would like the remote place inside city of Prague to live. Web and more info coming soon! Check us in October :D Three and more top czech actors to be with us in it, Ester Gesilerova, Krystyna Bokova, thank you, guys!>
20.08.2015Mystery gardenartist: Tereza Černá
opening: 3.9. 2015 od 19 hodin
exhibition: 4.9. – 30.9.2015
curator: Matěj Nývlt
22.04.2015Crossing linesartists: Zbyněk Havlín, Paulina Skavova, Jaroslav Valečka
opening: 5.5. 2015 od 19 hodin
exhibition: 6.5. – 31.5.2015
27.03.2015Representation of decompositionartists: Barbora Bálková Jindřich Červenák, Zdeněk Daněk, Jan Jírovec, Radek Macke, Patrik Proško, Libuše Vendlová
opening: 2.4. 2015
exhibition: 3.4. – 30.4.2015
23.02.2015Magical effectartists: Matyáš Hruška, Jiří Liška, Ivana Zuskinová, Michaela Spružinová
Exhibition: 6.3. – 6.4. 2015
photos from opening here.

15.02.2015Talk about tatoosWe would like to invite You to Talk about tattoos
19.2. from 6 am
lectures:  Jana Apačka Grygarová, Tereza PET TATTOOS

31.01.2015PExhibition of art group BAnda / Ján Hrčka, Jakub Hvězda, Andrea Kopecká, Filip Sabol, Michal Turkovič
Exhibition till 27. 2. 2015
Photos from Facebook here
08.01.2015ACTION_REACTIONArtists / Patrik Antczak, David Böhm & Jiří Franta, Tereza Fišerová, Adam Chmiel, Blanka Kirchner, Jan Krtička, Jan Prošek, Petr Pufler, Pavel Mrkus, Anna Symonová
Photos from the opening of exhibition
Date of Exhibition / 16th January – 4th February 2015
Curators of Exhibition / Adéla Machová a Markéta Souhradová
video here.
02.12.2014Winter of love
We would like to invite You to "before Xtmas" exhibition Winter of love and music performance 
opening: 12/12/2014 19am
artists: Pavel Forman, David Jedlička, Aleš Hudeček 
music: Ewski hard'n' soft loops, Ostrý zub - electro chanson
08.11.2014DARW-IN We would like to invite U to the exhibition of Martin Velisek's works called DARW-IN
opening: 20.11. 2014 at 7 a.m.

16.10.2014OUTWe would like to invite you to another autumn exhibition called OUT - Marcela Podzemná and Aleš Fulín exhibited together. 
opening: 16.10.2014 at 7 am
exbibition till 3.11.2014

18.09.2014The exact dose>
05.09.2014Show me your genitals Vol. II>
16.07.2014Justyna Kabala/COLL-AGEWe would like to invite You to summer exbihition in Artatak! 
Justyna Kabala/COLL-AGE/more information about author here.
photos from exhibition here
05.08.2014Show me your genitals Vol. I5.9. - Street art - music festival

Openwall : 
-Kaer MTR 
-Mario Da Lucklique 

- Dowis 
- Foggy Fogosh
29.05.2014Don't be complicatedWe like to invite You to exhibition DON'T BE COMPLICATED
artists: Milan David, Vladimír Franz, Dan Trantina, Miroslav Bednář, Jan Štěpánek, Petr Písařík, František Kowolowski, Petr Lysáček, Petr Motyčka
vernisage: 6th of June at 7 p.m.
22.04.2014P.R.D. - Exhibition of Milan Knížák's studio
We would like to invite You to the exhibition of Milan Knížák's studio from Academy of fine arts in Prague. 

The Studio of intermedia at Academy of Fine Arts in Prague was founded by Milan Knížák in 1990 shortly after the velvet revolution during the reconstruction of Academy. It is the first school of it's kind in Czech republic. Later were founded similar studios in other places. This school is specific because of it's moving between forms so there are creating various art coming-outs from classical painting to performance and so on.

Many graduates are nowdays very significant persons of Czech art scene also thanks to individual educational programs and respect to different art expression. In the exhibition in Artatak gallery You will see works of teachers, students and also graduates of this very important a interesting atelier.

15.04.2014New gallery catalogue 2014
Let us introduce you our new Gallery catalogue 2014!

Here you can find informations about artists exhibited in ARTATAK gallery and also brief history of our gallery. It is possible also buy printed catalogue if you contact us by email: artatak.gallery@gmail.com
08.04.2014Petr Lysáček - By living room or hall not scare
We would like to invite You to another exhibition of legendary artist Petr Lysáček, which arrived on the art scene in the 1990s and is one of the most important artists in the Czech Republic. guided tour: 29.4. from 7 p.m exhibition will continue till 4th of May 2014! photos from exhibition you can look on Facebook here

06.03.2014Workshop to AKT_ual exhibition
Topics of the workshops: female nude, identity, prints of human body
Terms: 24.3. a 27.3. from 10 a.m.
reservations: pestova@artatak.cz
Its all about Act!
Exhibiting: Alena Kupčíková, Veronika Bromová, Lenka Klodová, Yit Kampak, Darina Alster, Martina Pavelková, Helen Čubová, Karel Kříž, Martin Koubek, David Tomášek, Taťána Morová, Veronika Hradička Holá and Roman Franta
Photographs from opening of this exhibition you can look on Facebook here.
05.01.2014Gallery catalogue 2013/14
Let us introduce you our complete Gallery catalogue 2013/14. Here you can find informations about artists exhibited in ARTATAK gallery and also brief history of our gallery. It is possible also buy printed catalogue if you contact us by email: artatak.gallery@gmail.com
03.12.2013Dárky pro všechnyFOR CORPORATE and NON_CORPORATE lobsters, teasers, others:
Having visited our sites result sin true conspiracy intimidating thoughts:
Shall I or shall I not buy something for my close friends and relatives for the big festivities of Christmas madness?
Do so,
as hapiness and joy comes within. We are looking forward to hearing from your orders!
Follow the red matrix pill.
24.11.2013Design/fashion market This year for the first time - Design/fashion market in ARTATAK gallery! You will see jewellery and fashion from five talented and young czech designers. artists: Anna Havlíková - Steinerová, Taťána Morová, David Tomášek, Jan Vlasák>
10.11.2013WInter HUM_DRUM - Prague Academy of Arts atelier of prof. Ristein
Winter HUM-DRUM exhibition
presents the probably most influential atellier of Prague Academy of Arts.Students and absolvents form the atelier of the world-know professor Michael Ritstein present the best works from the recent period. Michael Risstein, the phenomenon of the today contemporary baroque painting and painter Roman Franta, who in collections world-wide...

 who assists the atelier are marks of quality. The  high quality paintings will be presented during the vernisage and exhibition, lasting until mid-January. We are looking foprward to welcome you at the gallery.

14.10.2013join etsy.com with us!Selling items through etsy.com just started!
In the auction are so far listed specific items and paintings from Ondřej Basjuk, Šárka  Koudelová,  we are gettig ready to promote also Pure Beauty´s and Jakub Tomáš´s painting.
21.09.2013camera effertaExhibition of Ondřeje Basjuk and Šárka Koudelová - CAMERA EFFERTA
This projekt curated in the minimalist way will launch the recognition of the unique sample of multimedial works of both authors. This exhibition will. Different aspects of their art namely paintings, objects, drawings and visualisations will be present at the exhposition. come adn see for yourself, from the 10th of October (vernisage starts at 7 p.m.) until the end of the month. Concert of debbilove at the vernisage.
Exhibition will take place at the gallery space but in a different hall!
05.08.2013JUST SCREENS - Jakub Tomáš, Pure Beauty

The artist – search for truth and purity – spectator and his attitude. In this ostensibly easy and natural continuity concepts of curators seems to be useless, distracting ballast. The aesthetic judgement is regular only if is not trying to be valid generally. Curators and artists in this exhibition still are standing in awe of history of art. But sometimes there are events, when it´s worth to leave it. Now there are „just“ screens, the one who is seeing and consuming them and intimate dialog with piece of art, with itself.

01.03.2013Mazanka Ateliers
Artatak Gallery launches cooperation with artists and through owners of the Vila Mazanka building in historicall part of Prague hopes to come acroos more artists needing atellier base. Price ranges from 130 till 450 EUR depending on space and appliances. Photos of ateliers and details of the project (in czech).
01.08.2013Živé Horoměřice - architektonická soutěž

Architectonical Award: “Living Horomerice” 

Artatak Gallery award  "Living Horomerice" was launched.The best three studies of the complex of flats in the Svahova street 39, Prague (2000m2) will be awarded. Languages of submission: czech or english. Students of architecture are welcome.

27.08.2013ArtBikeCrank ARTATAk Bikez
The venue will take place on Thursday the 12th of Sptember starting at 2.p.m. oposite to the Vysehrad cubists house at Naplavka (by the river Vltava) At 7 p.m. Trautenberk band will rock,  From 8 p.m. to 9.30p.m. dj`s performance is launched (the name will be given later on) All venue shall interconnect bikers and artists, in cooperation with punk-cycling-shop bikez from Holesovice. Rocks: Trautenberk band, Miki discjockey ambient music

Final posters can be still sent until Monday the 9th of September!

We are looking forwared to meet you all there!

Text of the call:

Artatak Gallery and bikez.cz: We call for posters (any technique) to present and eventually sell at the ArtBikeCrank ARTATAk Bikez event at the river Vltava in the central Prague. When? Call for posters valid until 30 of August, Naplavka, by the Vltava River.Event postponed until the secondThursday in September 2013.

01.09.2013Call for residencies at artatak galleryDear Artist! Artatak Gallery calls for artist participating on a residency in Prague, based in ARtatak gallery and its atelliers: We call for artists from Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, to ask for a residency study stipend for the year 2014 in the Artatak Gallery. Creative projects will be judged directly by the Visegrad Fund comitee. Deadline for submitting the application to the Visegrad Fund is the 10th of September!!! Please, kindly contact us ASAP and send us your portfolio and idea of your project on which we can further colaborate.

Artatak Gallery is more tha glad to pre- assess the given project with the artists and in case of interest to kindly issue the certifying letter of approval of the artist  for residency in the gallery. This letter is a necessary attachement which  is needed by the Visegrad Fund to complete the residency application. Artatak Gallery gives the artist  possibility of atellier - space to create and also welcomes the artist on a annual or semi-annual exhibition (based on the number of incoming artist) to present the work created by the Visegrad Fund to the Public.

01.05.2013I am shaman
artists: Miloš Šejn, David Helán, Zbyněk Havlín, Vojtěch Skácel, Eva del Risco Koupová, Christian del Risco, David Tomášek, Natálie Krejníková
Performance zkamenělina zkomoleniny profesora Miloše Šejna a Davida Helána (video)
invitation below the text.
brochure for download

09.04.2013Gallery Event management - events and ateliers
Art Gallery spaces for short term rent and event management
I) For  Events, Conferences, Company presentations,  Show room, Presentations, wedding after parties, Concerts, Partes  -  in the space of the given exposition, including  bar, reception
II) Atelier - Photography nad Shooting, big objects. -white cube minimalistic space

02.03.2013Industrialismartists: Denisa Belzová, Jan Černý, Lukáš Rais, Šimon Vejvančický>

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